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Beauty Industry Codes

beauty industry codes

Beauty Codes Australia
Beauty training Codes have changed look at the old and the new. There are many standards to be accomplished as a Beauty Therapist Our aim is to assist Distance learners unable to attend a beauty school, Those that cannot afford to take part in a ten thousand dollar or more course Stay at home mums to start as a wax technician or eyelash extension technician then to add services to their skills as they earn a living from home Beauty Therapist re-entering the work force.

Beauty Therapy Old and New Training codes, Re-enter workforce as a beauty therapist, Short courses for re-entering the beauty industry, News beauty therapy training packages for the industry by Service Skills Australia.

All the Beauty Codes were reviewed, New Beauty Codes, SIB10 Version 1, SIBBCCS408A

Promote healthy nutritional options in a beauty therapy context, Facials Services,

SIBBFAS201A Demonstrate retail skin care products,

SIBBFAS302A Provide lash and brow treatments,

SIBBFAS303A Design and apply remedial camouflage make-up,

SIBBFAS404A Perform facial massage,

SIBBFAS405A Provide facial treatments, Hair Reduction Services,

 SIBBHRS301A Perform waxing treatments,

SIBBHRS502A Perform female intimate waxing treatments,

SIBBHRS503A Perform male intimate waxing treatments,

SIBBHRS504A Provide electrolysis treatments,

SIBBHRS705A Apply intense pulsed light and laser safety protocols,

 SIBBHRS706A Design intense pulsed light and laser hair reduction treatment programs,

SIBBHRS707A Provide intense pulsed light and laser hair reduction treatments, Nail Services,

SIBBNLS201A Work in a nail services framework,

SIBBNLS202A Provide manicure and pedicure services,  

SIBBNLS203A Apply ultraviolet gel nail enhancement,

SIBBNLS204A Apply acrylic nail enhancement,  

SIBBNLS205A Apply nail art,

SIBBNLS206A Use electric file equipment for nails,

SIBBNLS207A Apply advanced nail art,

Research SIBBRES201A Research and apply beauty industry information,

 IBBRES702A Investigate developments in cosmetic treatments using light or laser systems, Skin Services ,

SIBBSKS201A Pierce ears,

SIBBSKS302A Apply cosmetic tanning products,

SIBBSKS503A Provide diathermy treatments,

SIBBSKS504A Design and perform cosmetic tattooing,

SIBBSKS505A Provide upper body piercing,

SIBBSKS506A Apply Micro-Dermabrasion to improve skin appearance,


The old codes are as follows.  NATIONAL BEAUTY COMPETENCY STANDARDS, Certificate III, Certificate IV, Diploma in Beauty,

WRB06A Sell Beauty Products,

WRB07A Conduct Financial Transactions,

WRB08A Provide Service to Clients,

WRB09A Perform Stock Control Procedures,

WRB10A Minimise Theft, WRB11A Operate Retail Equipment,

WRB12A Demonstrate Retail Skin Care Products,

WRB13A Advise on Beauty Services, WRB14A Pierce Ears,

WRB15A Provide Lash and Brow Treatments,

WRB16A Provide Temporary Epilation and Bleaching Treatment,

WRB17A Provide Manicure and Pedicure Service,

WRB18A Apply Nail Enhancement,

WRB19A Use Electrical Equipment for Nails Optional extra,

WRB20A Apply Nail Art optional extra,

WRB21A Design and Apply Make Up,

WRB22A Design and Apply Make Up for Photography Optional extra,

WRB23A Design and Apply Remedial Camouflage,

WRB24A Assess Client’s Treatment Needs,

WRB25A Provide Facial Treatments,

WRB26A Provide Advanced Facial Treatments,

WRB27A Provide Body Treatments,


WRB28A Provide Aesthetic Aromatherapy Massage,

WRB29A Provide Permanent Epilation,

All the below codes are optional extra courses that can only be taken by Certificate III Beauty Therapists,

 WRB30A Perform Diathermy Service, WRB31A Design and Perform Cosmetic Tattooing/Micropigmentation, Procedures 237

WRB32A Co-ordinate Work Teams,

WRB33A Maintain Employee Relations,

WRB34A Investigate New Products and Services,

WRB35A Implement Training,

WRB36A Prepare for Training,

WRB37A Deliver Training 285,

WRB38A Assess Workplace Competencies,

 WRB39A Review and Promote Training,

WRB40A Provide a Safe Working Environment,

BSX001/A Evaluate a Business Opportunity,

BSX002/A Complete a Business Plan,

BSX003/A Address Legal and Administrative Requirements

 BSX004/A Address Client Requirements,

BSX005/A Manage Business Operations,

BSX006/A Manage Self and staff,

BSX007/A Manage Finances,

BSX008/A Review Business,

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