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Post Graduate Certificates or DIY do it yourself courses
Theory exams are conducted in your own home.
We email or post you the exams and you email or post us back the finished exams.
Exams are multiple choice question

Post Graduate
Practical training days are in private or small groups 1-4 people.
You cannot fail as we assist you to pass your exams.
Support is via Email, Video Conferencing plus telephone support .
And if you cannot come to us we can train you via Web -conferencing and DVD's

The Post Graduate Certificate for the Eyelash extension course has three web conference sessions. A Mentor via email support for the 2-4 weeks while you do the course and telephone support. Plus telephone support for two months after you complete the course. You will receive a professional Industry Certificate.
TThe DIY course has one video conference session and a certificate of Achievement. There is no study or practical training.

You will be trained in several methods of apply lashes.
Eyelash grafting
Eyelash extensions.
Party Lashes 2 types
Training also assists you with Cancer/ Alopecia Clients that have no lashes at all.

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Eyelash DIY Train Your Self $145.50

We will email the course notes and video training sites for you to watch how they are done. 

With the DIY you will be given a web-conference training session.

We will post you a set of false lashes  glue and some lash extensions.

You will need to provide your own tools.

For a certificate of Achievement you will need extra web-conference sessions. They are charged at $45 per session. Your certificate will cost $55

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Eyelash Extensions Training Manual

Eye lash extensions This book has step by step  eyelash extension, grafted eyelashes,
false eyelashes and party lashes  instructions for students. /p>

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Eye Skin Care & Anatomy
The Anatomy Of The Skin Around The Eyes
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Do's And Don'ts:
Preparation For Eyelash Extensions
The Most Important Steps
The Amount Of Glue
Certificate Students Test
Test 1 Eyelash Extensions
How To Submit Your Exams
Suggested Form For Client
Test 2 Eyelash Extension Practice.
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Test 3 Eyelash Extension Practice With Teacher
Test 4 Make Salon Flyer
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Test 5 Aftercare Instructions
The Glue Irritation
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A Few Pages

Begin Eyelash Grafting Extensions

Before you begin set up your work area.

Take a close up photo of the clients eyes and add to her file

Check to see what size lashes you should use on the client.

Show her a few photographs of your work.

 Lay the client on a comfortable bed that has been lowered so you can sit looking over the top of her eyes before you begin.

Never ever have the client sitting in a chair. Did you get that ??? Never ever have the client sitting in a chair. In a Hairdressing salon you may have them at the shampoo basin with a pillow under their neck, providing you are standing on a step and they are comfortable and that you can move around the client freely. Also you must be at least 600mm above their eyes.

 I strongly recommend you only do this for false and party lash application never have them at the basin for eyelash grafting.

Be sure you have checked with the client as to how long she wants the lashes.

Be sure you have checked her face shape and know the correct style and shape of the lashes for the client. Refer to book “Eyebrow Shaping & Tinting” In section covering face shapes.

Place a few lashes on a smooth white makeup sponge.

Place the sponge on the bed near her head

Now clean the eye area with cleaning fluid. Use a cotton pad to apply and dry with clean cotton pads. Then use the pump to blow the eye lashes. The lashes must be completely cleaned and free of residue. The lashes must be soft and exceptionally free of oil.

With the clients eyes open place a piece of glad wrap or masking tape under the upper lashes and over the bottom lashes. Be sure the wrap does not touch their eyeball and that it completely covers the bottom lashes.

Eyelash gladwrap.PNG

Then brush the upper lashes to be sure the upper lashes are sitting above the glad Wrap and the lover lashes are sitting under the glad wrap..

Put a tiny amount of glue onto a piece of glass.

Place the glass close to the client on the bed or their chest.

Ask the client to close their eyes and keep them closed for the entire procedure.

Comb the upper lashes.


Use your tweezers to push a lash away from where you are going to apply the lash.

One lash only must be between the open tweezers

Pick up the thin end of the lash on and dip the thicker end into some glue. Less is best. If you pick up too much glue wipe it off on the glass.

Run the glue that is on the new lash up the length of the clients own lash. This will ensure the new lash sticks to the clients lash the full length of the clients lash.

Apply the lash to one of the client’s lashes about 1mm up the lash not at the root but close to the root. Never ever touch the skin with the glue. Repeat this process until you have 25-30 lashes on both eyes. Should the client want more you will need to charge them for the extra lashes, glue and your time?

The glue can feel brittle after a week or so be sure not to put the new lash near the skin and be certain you have very little glue on the lash. So little you cannot actually see the glue.

Never put more lashes than 30 on each eye. Then show the client after the glue has dried on both eyes. Should the client want more lashes you can then begin your second layer. However if this is the clients 1st time at having eyelash extensions then suggest she come back in a week time for another layer.

Below in this photo consider the black is the natural lash and the red is the added lash. In this photo all these positions are incorrect.

 These positions ( in red) are all wrong.


The Most Important Steps

 The first most important step is the “Correct Position”


This position is correct. Place the lash extension onto the natural lash slightly above the root. Also be sure it contours against the natural lash. You can dip the tip into the glue then stroke the natural lash all the way up the lash with the glue that is on the extension. Remembering not to ever put glue on the root of the lash. You must start 1mm above the root.

The Second Most Important Steps

Be sure the lash is sitting with the curve the same way as the natural lash curves. Sometimes when you pick the lash up with the tweezers you need to use your fingers to sit the lash in the tweezers the right way.

If you get this step right they will have great lashes that stay on for at least 2 months. However they will need to have infill’s done during that time. Their own natural eyelashes will fall out and hence the extension will go with it. Then a new lash will grow in the same place. The less glue you use the better.

 The Amount of Glue

The Third Important Step is “The Amount of Glue” and by far the very most important t step. Get this wrong and the glue will irritate the eye. It could even cause damage to the delicate skin and the eyeball. After a day or two the glue sets so hard it is like fine strips of Steele.

As above you place a small drop of glue onto a small glass plate.

Pick up the lash in the middle of the lash or the middle of the bunch of lashes. This will depend on whether you are applying single lashes or applying bunches of lashes.

When you dip the thick end of the lash extension into the glue be sure to wipe it on the glass as it needs to be just a tiny amount of glue on the base of the lash.

 With eyelash grafting be sure that only one of the clients natural lashes is between the tweezers.

With a stroking motion attach the lash as per the video. Be sure the lash sits along the natural lash.

When you attach a couple of lashes use a tooth pick to roll off the excess glue from the underside of the lashes. The toothpick should only be used once then a new one used on the next few lashes. I actually do this with every bunch I place on the lashes.

For bunches of lashes there is no need to separate the natural lashes. Just sit the bunch onto the natural lashes in the correct shape. By that I mean both the bunch and the natural lash should be in a “J” shape running up towards the eyebrow.

Note some peoples natural lashes have a few lashes that are sun damaged and curl downwards. In this case you will need to curly their lashes with a warm curling wand before you begin.

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