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Hair Extensions Training Manual

hair Extension DIY Training and Teacher Assisted Training

Hair Extensions DIY TrainingStep by step instruction with a the offer of help
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"Hair Extension Training Manual"
Robyna Smith-Keys
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Video and A Training Manual On CD in PDF File format ready to copy to your computer.

This hair extension training manual has been written as a hair extensions step by step trainer for " Dummies " with lots of photos of each step. Even the smartest of people sometimes find it hard to follow written instruction. My aim was to put the manual together for people that cannot afford either the time or the money to go to a training centre. The manual had to be able to do my work for me in my absents. You can purchase this manual right now. Just click on the PayPal button. Or purchase the DVD and the book . Simply select the book or select both the book and the DVD. This book can also come on its own over the internet saving you money. However most people say the manual and the DVD have been a very valuable tool.


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Training Manual
What Are Hair Extensions?
We will be teaching you most methods of Hair extension.
Test Module One
Module Two ----Hair Types
Not Great Hair - Asian Hair (unless you are Asian)
Good Hair Is - European Quality Hair
Good Hair - European Hair 7
The Best Hair - Raw/Virgin Hair?
Wefts - Hand Made or Machine Made?
How A Weft Is Applied
Things they’ll ask and need to know
How Do I Look After Them?
What Happens Next?

 Common Questions Clients Ask
Student Note: you need to talk most of the time in feet and
inches as that is how most suppliers will talk to you.
How long should hair extensions be?
How much do hair extensions cost?
Can I wear my hair up? 10
How do I know my Extensions Artist is a professional?
Does it hurt? Will it pull my hair out?
What about my re-growth. I'm a natural brunette but want blonde extensions.
How Hair Extensions Are Applied
Bonded Extensions
Woven Extension
Sectioning is the same for all Hair Extensions
How To Apply Quick Bonded Extensions
Sectioning for clip in extension
Woven hair extension called Wefts
Hair Weft fitting instructions
How to wear clip in Hair Wefts
Life Expectancy Of The Extension
Bonded Extension ring clip in
i-tips and u-tip wax in
Woven Extensions
Module Four
Bees wax or Keratin wax
Pot for melting wax
Bonding Iron
Hair draw Board
The i needle.
i-tip extension
Micro Rings
Shields for u-tip extensions
u-tips for making your own extensions
u-tip pre-made extension
Silicone shrink tubes
You will not be learning this type of extension in this course.
Clips for making clip in hair extensions.
Strand Test
How to do a strand test.
Test Module Five Test
Module Six
Test Module Six
Module Seven
How To Care For Hair Extensions
Here's How:
Never put conditioner on your scalp.
Note This Is More Info For Your Research
Test Module Seven
Test Module Eight
Make a sign for your window.
Show me over a web camera session or send me a photo by email.
Module Nine
Answering the telephone
Nicole use clients name
Test Module Nine

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