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Numerology Basics

Numerology Book For beginersStraight to the point Numerology.
Your Birth date number and its meaning.
The yearly lessons number and its meaning.

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By Robyn Written 1991

We learn very quickly in life to put warm clothes on in winter and not to stay wet for too long when we get caught in the rain. But there are so many other lessons to learn. Some are learnt by trail and error and some from the teachings of others. Below are just a few words on what every year means to you. Read and obey and you will have a more rewarding year, because each year of your life is like a season.
Coupled with the knowledge of each year’s lessons, trust in a power greater than yourself. Ask and you will receive. Keep an eye on your moods according to the Moon. Do not let the Moon control your emotions. The best times to wish are during the Crescent, Full and New (Dark) moon. Write a wish list and light three candles.

Add The Day Of Your Birth to the Month Of Your Birth to the current year.
13th July 1960 = 13+ 7+1991=31=4
So the person born 13.7.1960 is in a number 4 year during 1991. You just add their month and day to the current year.
1+3+7+1+9+9+1=31 reduce to a single digit 3+1=4


YEAR One  You must seize the present moments this year, create your future. New starts will come to you automaticly. New courage takes you places this year. Lesson this year= avoid indecision's, let go of past and keep moving forward. Lucky Colours are:-Flame, Copper, Lilac, Crimson. If you wear these colour this year it will create positive actions in your brain that set the pace for a lucky year.

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Mark Antony Marries Lizy And Has Puppies

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