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Natural Organic Skincare BookNatural Organic Skincare Mixing

Mix your own cures for aging skin and acne. Buy ingredients at the supermarket.

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This book covers all you need to know about making your own skincare at home. How to cure acne and acne scars with ancient recipes.  Naturally the big cosmetic business want you to believe you need to buy their products that is how they get rich. You can deeply clean your skin with butter or olive oil if you know how and it will deeply clean and nourish your skin. You can use sand or river sand to exfoliate far better than any commercial product will exfoliate your skin. Do not be a mug all your life. Take care of your purse strings now and start making your own products. I am always available via email if you have any questions about your skin and via web-conference on Skype if I need to look at your skin. I have been working in the Beauty industry for over 50 years yes I am pretty old and I know a lot about skin conditions and what I do not know I know how to find the answers.


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