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Cosmetic Tattooing

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Cosmetic Tattoo Training

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  • Training

Cosmetic tattooing also called Permanent Makeup and Micro-pigmentation. Roby has been cosmetically tattooing since 1965. Her courses cut to the case and prevent you from making all the mistakes that new therapist usually make. You will be a private student and have her undivided attention.

  • Books

Her books have been tested on new students to see if the works provide the right kind of information.  All too often training manuals are written with the very best intensions but they only touch the surface of the subject and are guide lines. Roby writes training manuals that provide you with step by step instructions that are so very clear you could actually do this course without a teacher.

Not that you should do this course without a teacher but you should be able to lean from a training manual.

Cosmetic Tattoo Books Click here