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Psychic Readings Explained

Absent Readings

 How can you do a reading without the person present?
The faculty of intuition is not bound by space or time. Your eyes tell you that two people are not touching if they're in different rooms or cities. On the physical level, that is true. But the intuition knows that, on a deeper level, all people in fact, all things are always touching, always connected.
The same is true with knowledge. The intuition recognizes that there is no wall or distance between you and any knowledge important to you.
Another way of understanding this is by looking in a pool of water at night. Even though the pool may be only ten feet in diameter, it manages to accurately reflect the entire night sky the moon and every star. Every person has a pool of intuition within. When you learn to calm its surface, you can see the reflection of anything, no matter how far, simply by looking within.

As long as I have your name, your voice, your choice of words in a letter or e-mail to focus on, I can see you. You are then as close as if you were in the same room.

If you’re psychic, why do I have to ask you any questions at all? Shouldn’t you already know my questions?

A good reading requires that we both participate. The more aware you are of the issues and questions that you have the more effective the reading. Your mental focus helps guide my inner vision to pinpoint the information you need right now. Without a focus to the reading, I will still receive pertinent information, but not always in the specific area you hoped for.
Remember, you are not a passive participant in the reading.
If you are psychic, why have you not made a million dollars in the stock market or won the lottery?

Predicting financial trends is a challenge unto itself. I find the deepest satisfaction in unravelling the mystery of the human soul.

What’s the difference between intuition and psychic ability?
The primary difference is one of degree. We commonly think of the intuition as a strong feeling, instinct, or gut reaction. Intuition is usually more accurate than we recognize, but it can sound fuzzy or unclear like hearing someone talking in the distance. Its more of an impression than a precise insight. Everyone has intuitive feelings, but as a culture we’ve trained ourselves to ignore them. Psychic ability, on the other hand, is the refined use of intuition. It is more active and precise. Psychic insight requires you to focus your intuition without the distracting clutter of random thoughts. You have to train yourself to quiet your mental hustle and bustle in order to hear that distant voice. (Actually, it’s not so much distant as it is quiet.) This requires practice, trust and, very often, training.

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Love and Relationships

Can you reunite me and my loved one?

I would be interfering with the natural unfolding of your life. You are in charge of your life; you sit in the directors chair. To take that away from you is to tamper with your life and leave you powerless.

Personal growth requires individual effort. A psychic cannot make changes or create your life for you. A psychic can help you gain perspective and understanding, so you can direct your life with both eyes open.
There is a real misconception I see in this question: that a relationship is an object, something you can own or possess. To answer this question, it may help to redefine a relationship. A relationship is a rich interchange between two people that offers each the opportunity to know oneself better. Relationships are alive, they are talking mirrors that give us ongoing feedback.
To think that we can force a union denies the inherent spiritual qualities of a relationship. A relationship is not a thing; a relationship houses the soul of each person and creates an opportunity for spiritual awareness and growth. When we recognize this, we understand that unions cannot be forced without great confusion, struggle and despair.
Do you do love spells?
I periodically get clients who have paid someone to do a love spell. I caution clients on this because you are giving up control of your life; you are handing your life over to someone else. In reality this doesn’t work, you still have to contend with your own problems.

Asking for a love spell makes the assumption that power is outside ourselves: "I cant do this, I'll pay someone else to.

" Where does power come from? Power comes from within. The more we hand it over to someone else, the weaker we feel. Love spells may leave you weaker because you've diluted your own power.

Intent is very important in any ritual. If the intent is to manipulate, we interfere with an intricate framework, the natural flow of life. Every ritual should be aligned with Gods will or Divine Intelligence. We don't always know what is best for us. We need to consult and invite the intelligence and wisdom of something beyond ourselves. When someone pays for a love spell, that person is missing the opportunity to work with God. Real magic happens when we align ourselves with God. We may not always get the results we expected, but we will get the right results in accordance with a Higher Order.

Prayer is a good substitute for a love spell. If you still want a love spell, accompany this with a prayer invoking God. The best love spell guide comes in a DIY Pack Follow these instructions and use the crystals to assist you. This will safely evoke all types of love

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Timing is a state of readiness, not the ticking of the second hand. We shape our lives by an internal clock. How ready are we for a relationship? What changes do we need to make first? What preparations need to be made?

You may have to let go of a hurt you experienced in a previous relationship. You may need to strengthen your self-confidence and build your sense of inner security. How can you attract a relationship if you think that you don't deserve one? Creating some time and space for a relationship may be necessary by working less or managing your personal time differently. To have and maintain a relationship, you must make room for it.
I am a clairvoyant: I see images (clairvoyance) and I hear words (clairaudience) and interpret what I see and hear as it applies to you and your situation. I do not use Tarot Cards or other oracles. While I respect these techniques, they are not my primary way of tapping into information or guidance. I use my inner vision.

Before each reading, I meditate, take some deep breaths and ask for guidance and insight. I consult with spirit guides and Gods Divine Wisdom to bring forth information in accordance with the higher good.

If you see something really bad in my future, will you tell me?

I look at the circumstances that lead up to events as much as the event itself. For example, if I see a car accident, I would suggest you drive carefully and slow down in other areas of you life, as well. I probably wouldn't say I see a car accident. 


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Fortune Readings With Gypsea

I have been reading since I was 5 years old . I am now in my 60's. Taught by my Mother and her Aunties and My Grand-dad. However my journey really took flight while married and I could see things in dreams.

At age 23 I went into a coma when I came too I saw an Angel and what I would say is the Mother Mary and my Grand-mother at the end of my bed they said it was not time for me to go and I had to wake up and go back to dancing . I went back into a coma and wake up again with a Priest giving me the last rights. All my close family and my best friend were at the end of my bed. I went back to sleep and remember nothing but 9 days later I woke in a normal ward without any life support machines. I was dressed in my favourite nighty. Since then I see Angels all the time. I did go back to dancing professionally

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