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Training Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions Courses.

We Offer Distance Learning and Private Tuition

At That's Great Distance Learning Centre

We Offer

  1. Learning Via Web Conference
  2. Private Tuition in Your Salon or Home
  3. DIY Training Manuals


Learning Via Web Conference

Web Conference learning is like having a teacher there with you. Your books are sent via email saving you hundreds of dollars. You down load them and begin with the step by step instructions we send you on how to practice your new skills. You ask for a mutually agreed to time for a web conference with your teacher and practice your skills while you teacher watches and guides you. We ask you to do this on either Skype or Messenger. You will need a camera on a cord the camera attached to your computer will not do.

Web Conference is our specialty. We were the first on line College in Australia to offer on line training via web conferencing. We began in 1999 setting the pace for others to follow. All our training manuals have been written with the distance learning student in mind.
Our Teachers are experts in their field that are now semi retired. They have the time to assist you to become the very best in your chosen field. We do not waste your time by gibbering on about how good we are we get to the point and get you trained.
You need to make more money.
You need to become trained in a hurry.
You do not have time to learn by your mistakes.

Private tuition

For those of you unable to use the web-conference based training we can come to you at your salon. The cost is $125 per hour plus our travel costs.

DIY Training

DIY is the Do It Yourself training program Roby has set up. If you go to our books page you will find all our DIY training programs. They have been designed for these reasons.

  1. To assist people that do not have enough money or time to go to College.
  2. To assist people that are time poor and already are working in the industry that need to add some new skills to their credits.
  3. To assist people that are returning to work and need to brush up on their skills.

Roby worked in the Hair Health and beauty industry for over 40 years. She has trained people for over 30 years and understands the issues that face people needing to improve their skills. The DIY manuals are easy to follow with step by step instructions that have been tested on real people .

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