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Aromatherapy Training
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Aromatherapy Skincare Mixing. Seviceskills Australia Learning codes set out for the Australian Standards Association.

WRBBS512A Blend a range of aromatic plant oils for beauty treatments  and WRBBS511A Apply aromatic plant oil chemistry to beauty treatments.

Welcome to the wonderful alluring art of Aromatherapy.

 Aromatherapy is sensationally addictive! Oils are extracted from Herb's, roots and flowers and then used in treatments such as massage, reflexology, smell therapy, bathing techniques, acupressure and cosmetic preparations. Essential Oils are used to strive for balance in physical, mental and spiritual health. Not only is Aromatherapy aimed at healing, relieving and eliminating health problems but is very concerned with the prevention of disease and the promotion of health and happy living.

Essential Oils mixed with carrier oils may be used to treat such conditions as frigidity in women, impotence in men, nervous conditions and an endless range of aches and pains. Aromatherapy is not a new healing art, it is in fact a resurgence of a very ancient art.

Aromatherapy is an alluring journey into an ancient, holistic healing art.  The dead, in many cultures, were anointed with essential oils and embalmed in preparation for their "after-life". In the Bible there are numerous references to the use of essential oils. Historians relate that during the Middle Ages perfumers were used to immune people to Cholera and other life threatening diseases. This was thanks to the use of essences from plant life. Now in our day or since about 1982 has been named Aromatherapy.

These training manuals have been written by the Author whose pen name is Robyna Smith-Keys.   All manuals follow the Australian Standards Guide Lines.

This Course Covers

Aromatherapy – Skincare Mixing & Healing  Lotions and Potion with Essential Oils

• The Most Important Factors Are

• Essential Oils Are

• Scientific Medicine

• Essential Oils Are Found In

• Extraction/Distillation

• Carrier Oils

• Mineral Oils

• Carrier Oils Keeping Factors

• Types Of Carrier Oils

• Chemistry And Effects

• Names Of Essential Oils

• Essential Oils Explained More Fully

• Essential Oils Lineage

• Methods Of Using Essential Oils

  • Skincare For Infections, Acne, Wrinkles, Freckles, Puberty and Ageing

  • Lotions and Potions, Massage Oils and Bath Aids

  • The Healing Properties of Clay.

Aromatherapy DIY Course

You will be given the Aromatherapy training materials as a home study course. Ideal for people with the passion to work with essential oils on a limited budget or those enthusiasts that do not need a certificate.

Cost $255

Aromatherapy Skincare Mixing Post Graduate.

This course is ideal for people wanting to make money by mixing skincare and reselling it under their own label. You might have a market stall, Beauty Salon, Boutique, hairdressing Salon, Health Food store or Massage business.

Cost Post Graduate Certificate III $1500

Cost Certificate II $890.

Aromatherapy Weekend Workshops

Aroma workshops are held 4 times a year. $350

Aroma Course Choice

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Learner Guide WRBBS512A Blend a range of aromatic plant oils for beauty treatments

Learner Guide WRBBS511A Apply aromatic plant oil chemistry to beauty treatments